Content Bundles

Everything you need for multi-channel content marketing delivered to your inbox each month.

Our content marketing bundles have everything you need to win over and keep happy, the people who want your products or services the most. 

Included in each content bundle is a made-to-order package of copy and graphics to use on social media, your blog and in email marketing. It’s everything you need for multi-channel content marketing delivered to your inbox each month.

Each bundle is tailored to the unique needs of changemakers at different stages of growth, making it easy to choose the right level of content for your needs.

Simply pick the content bundle that best suits your budget and marketing requirements then choose whether you’d like to –

pay as you go (month by month), or sign up for a three-month subscription giving you a discount on the usual monthly cost.

Once you’ve bought your bundle we’ll send you a simple order form where you’ll get to tell us what you need and why. Those who buy a pro or expert bundle will have their order discussed with a specialist before we set to work.

There are no hidden costs. Total transparency and value for money are what we strive for. Plus, by working in this way we can streamline our content creation processes, spending less time on admin and more time on developing kick-ass content.

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Content Bundle Checklist

Content marketing is an investment in you and your audience. If you’re serious about building visibility and marketing effectively online then we can help you…

1. Get going quickly with a simple order form and briefing process.

2. Sound like you with professional copywriting in your preferred tone of voice.

3. Stand out from the crowd using impactful content that shows off your unique selling points.

4. Reach people who care through targeted content that drives interest and generates leads and sales.

5. Market with purpose and consistency week-on-week without the worry of “what to say”.

6. Keep on schedule with fresh content bundles delivered to your inbox each month you’re subscribed. 

7. Get value for money with add-on services guaranteed to deliver long-lasting rewards. 

8. Recieve flexible and affordable payment plans that scale as you grow and can invest more in marketing.

9. Increase your knowledge and ability to market online with access to specialist advice and training resources.

10. Join an exclusive Facebook group of inspiring changemakers hosted by The Content Marketing Club.

How It Works

Get started straight away with our simple order form and briefing process.


Select bundle


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Complete order form


Receive order within 30 days

Got something on your mind? 

Drop me a message about your content challenge and to book in a free 20-minute no obligation chat to talk about how to put your best brand forward.