Harmony Planners


Printables and Prompts to Balance Your Priorities to Find Greater Fulfillment, Happiness, and Calm in Your Busy Life.

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We are all striving for something; to be more successful, to have more freedom, to find more joy in life. And we think that by working hard, we will achieve these goals, which often leads to overworking at the expense of our health and wellbeing.

Day-to-day, we’ve conditioned ourselves to push beyond our limits, working harder and longer to try and complete a never-ending list of tasks. With the pressure of perceived competition, from colleagues, society, but, mostly, ourselves. We put off that yoga class, cancel dinner plans with friends, and skip our spiritual needs entirely.

Days turn into weeks, weeks into years, and we wonder, “what are we doing this for?” The dream we had of success, freedom, and happiness seems farther away than ever. We lose motivation for our work, our sense of fulfillment diminishes and negativity creeps in.

Whether you work for yourself or somebody else, we are responsible for our own life. We get to choose whether we give so much to our work that there’s nothing left for ourselves. We don’t need to push and push and push, waiting for the right time to rest, play, or live after we’ve completed work. Work will never end. We must find a way to feel more in harmony with ourselves, with mind, body, and soul connected, healthy and happy, so that we can care for both our professional and personal needs in our daily expereince.

High achievers benefit from learning to slow down, by recognising when enough is enough and investing energy nurturing the whole self, instead of only a single part of it. And that is only possible when you’re clear on your priorities, set meaningful goals for yourself, identify any bad habits holding you back and growth areas for development.

These Harmony Planners will help you to achieve more happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment in everyday life by creating space to set intentions for all the integrated parts of your mind, body, and soul and holding you accountable to them. Use these yearly, monthly, and daily printables to write down what’s important to you and keep track of how you’re doing.

Included in the bundle are:
3 x decorated printables (daily, monthly, yearly) for digital download
A glossary and guide to using each sheet

Learning to live in harmony with oneself is the single most important skill of our time. Make this commitment to yourself and soon, life will flourish in the every day.




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