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A collection of ebooks, toolkits, guides and planners for high-vibe entrepreneurs in pursuit of their dreams.

DIY Design

For beautiful visuals on a budget, discover how to do-it-yourself with 5 of the best storytelling tools for presentations, social media graphics, marketing materials and more!

Blog Writing

The blogging #likeaboss checklist will help you to structure stand-out blogs and deliver your message in style.

Work / Life Balance

Bring harmony to your work/life pursuits by using these daily, monthly and yearly planners to clarify and prioritise what’s important to you.  Guided prompts will show you how to use the printables to balance your spiritual, health and entrepreneurial needs for greater fulfilment, happiness and calm in your busy life.

Guest Blogging

Learn how to boost your brand’s visibility through this guide to guest blogging. I explain the benefits of doing it, along with where to look for opportunities and email templates that will help you pitch ideas to blog owners.

The Mindful Entreprenuer

 10 prompts for calminchaosignitincreativitbeinbrillianawork

The A-Z of Writing Unbeatable Copy

 1Learn how to write copy for landing pages, emails, websites and more!

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